Content Creation

We are living in the digital age, where content is king. Each day more than 27 million pieces of content is shared online. How do you ensure your content is being seen? Crafting authoritative, creative, and compelling content takes time, and, frankly, experience. Remember what you put out there is your brand, your PR, your company image. From websites to digital and printed brochures to video and social media content - it is incredibly important that they all connect and work together. 

Strategic PR provides copywriting (corporate writing) services for all forms of advertising and editorial. These separate aspects require different styles of writing. Advertising copy is designed to sell, traditional editorial copy is factual and should read like a newspaper article while advertorials are a cross over between the two. Online blogs are different again and can be shorter, with a focus on pictures and video, rather than words. Strategic PR can talk you through the difference and which environment they are best used.

Below are examples of how different content, written and produced by Strategic PR, are used to showcase your business. 








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